Scintillating celebrity scents and your business


Scintillating Celebrity Scents

All those people who said you can’t bottle fame probably haven’t seen the latest scents by P Diddy or Beyoncé.

And, partially due to their pervasiveness, it’s easy to dismiss celebrity branded perfumes as little more than particularly nice smelling cash cows. But these heavenly whiffs can actually teach your business a lot about effective marketing.

The biggest scent to date, for example, is Justin Bieber's Someday, selling more than three million bottles in three weeks. And, it wasn’t traded solely on star power – the candy-tinged smell was tailor-made to appeal to the nasal receptors of Bieber’s tween fans.

The production process of these perfumes starts like any other marketing process. What does the audience want? What smell will fit their demographic?

With our expertise, you can obtain a signature smell for your business premises that we will have considered in just as much detail as the multimillion pound perfume brands.

Whether it’s the subtle scent of freshly ground coffee or the pungent musk of your favourite flower, we’ll combine smells that will appeal to your audience more powerfully than a new Bieber album to a room of feral tweens.

As we’ve mentioned before, smell is a powerful but underused form of marketing, creating a pleasing neural connection between the customer and the business. So, give our signature scents page a look for scents that even A-list celebs would admire.


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