Rise and rise of corporate art


Rise And Rise Of Corporate Art

Just take a look at the beautiful pictures adorning the walls of most businesses – the world of corporate art is on the rise, with many businesses counting themselves as some of the most reputable art collectors in the world.

Books like A Celebration of Corporate Art Programmes Worldwide are letting the public know what corporations can do to help artists create pieces of real meaning while still making companies look good.

In an interview with national newspaper The Guardian, Peter Harris, co-author of the aforementioned Celebration of Corporate Art, said, "The company wins because it promotes itself to the world and its employees; the artist wins because he or she has a new audience.

"It's for image. It is to tell the world and their employees things about them. If you go into any office before the staff arrives these days, they all look roughly the same: rows and rows of computers – and you think, what is this company all about? The answer is, it's on the walls."

Indeed, it’s become a win-win relationship for artists and companies alike.

Global financial service UBS, who were in Forbes’s list of the top corporate art collections in the world, said of their collection, "We want to create an interesting and stimulating environment for our clients, as well as our employees."

Ultimately, this meteoric rise isn’t going to stop. Companies are embracing the art world more and more, understanding that they can please their clients and staff members, and the art world is embracing it right back.

As this trend grows, every company should make sure they have an eye for aesthetics, contacting a corporate art provider for their needs.

As customers become more sophisticated, so, too, do they want to see clever designs that stimulate the mind. So, give us a call today to find out more about our corporate art selection.

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