Feng Shui for the future – optimising your office space


Optimising Your Office Space

Feng Shui, which literally translates as “wind” and “water” from its original Chinese, was founded around 3000 years ago and has existed as a viable spiritual practice ever since.

Essentially, it’s the divine art of living in harmony with your environment, gaining an inner balance by finding an outer balance with your surroundings.

Having survived a good three millennia, this spiritual art has evolved with the times. Indeed, the western view of this ancient practice looks less at its divine emphasis and more at the benefits it can have on mental health and efficiency.

While many of its “old school” rules might seem a bit weird by nowadays’ standards – placing your desk in the southeast to “generate income”, for example, seems arbitrary – modern-day experts can help you configure the layout of your business to help it better relate to your natural environment.

While common-sense interior design is easily implemented, few can manipulate a space to its fullest without compromising another portion of their office. Although we don’t necessarily prescribe to Feng Shui, we do believe that you can reach a natural balance with effective interior landscaping and design.

In springtime, especially, the spirit of Feng Shui is alive and well, with the wood element of spring representing rebirth, renewal and fresh beginnings. But, what exactly could you do to capture the spirit of the season and boost engagement with your natural environment?

With simple additions to your office such as larger windows and a greater range of foliage and artwork that your employees will appreciate, your office will be more vibrant morale boosting. More than this, ensure you’ve removed any office clutter, making spring the time when you clean up your business.

So, the message is to look at every way that you can find equilibrium, both inner and outer, in your workplace and your home. If you want advice on how to optimise your premises, give us a call for help with scents, art, flowers and advice.


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