The Gardens of Versailles: a true surprise of luxury


The Gardens of Versailles

It's not often that you enter a garden and find yourself blown away by the finely crafted grass and the snaking, balletic formation of the pathways – but then it’s not often that you enter the Gardens of Versailles.

The Palace of Versailles, which was the centre of power in France until the French Revolution in the late 1700s, is a true surprise of luxury the first time you see it.

You wander through the Hall of Mirrors with your jaws agape and trek around the vast galleries with wonder, but it’s only when you step out into the acres and acres of garden that you’re truly stunned.

Rolling grasslands and intricate designs seem to stretch on forever from the exit of the palace. Covering a large portions of the front of this space are hedgerows hiding the wonders of dancing fountains, picnic areas, soaring statues and the huge glistening Grand Canal.

For the naturally curious, you’ll be in an endless state of surprise. With the garden’s maze-like structure, it was specifically designed (by gardener André Le Nôtre in 1661) to give a sense of constant intrigue around every corner, and, what’s more, it actually manages to provide it.

You can just imagine how the French aristocracy used to meander around these teeming gardens, becoming lost in the gossip of the day while younger residents played games of hide and seek.

Although it was a turbulent time period that few would want to relive, just a simple visit can give a taste of what truly luxurious landscaping feels like.

We can’t guarantee an exterior of Versailles-like proportions (after all, it took André Le Nôtre 40 years to finish!), but we can give you the luxurious landscapes that you need to wow clients and staff alike.

Exterior landscaping, no matter where you’re situated, should always be at the peak of excellence. So, to gain gardens that will give you a gut-punch of luxury, have a look at what we can offer.


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