Art as therapy - the relaxing connection between artist and viewer


Art As Therapy

Just imagine the number of times you’ve visited an art gallery, only to be struck numb with boredom at what’s on show.

You amble around beside an artwork for a bit, stroke your chin in an attempt to look highbrow, then shrug off to the next underwhelming piece. There’s just no connection.

But then something happens.

Suddenly, you find yourself in front of a work that strikes you dumb with wonder. Your chin drops to the floor, like in an old cartoon, and your eyes widen as you stare at this masterpiece.

It won’t happen all the time, but when you find a piece of art you connect with, the experience is like no other.

Famed Russian writer Leo Tolstoy once said, “A real work of art destroys, in the consciousness of the receiver, the separation between himself and the artist”. And, in many ways, the man was right on the money.

When you witness a good painting, it brings you closer to the feeling the artist wished to express. Sometimes it can even cause you to reach the giddy heights of epiphany and release, in a phenomenon known as catharsis.

It’s certainly a view that writer and philosopher Alain de Botton would subscribe to. In his book Art as Therapy, he states, “Like other tools, art has the power to extend our capacities beyond those that nature has originally endowed us with.

“Art compensates us for certain inborn weaknesses, in this case of the mind rather than the body, weaknesses that we can refer to as psychological frailties.”

Just imagine how these ideas can feed into your workplace – one of your employees is slumping through their day, but with a piece of art in your building they can appreciate, you increase their morale, making their workload feel that little bit lighter.

That one piece of art creates a spark of happiness that can, in turn, lead to a spark of inspiration to help improve your business.

Like a jaw-drop-worthy painting in a museum, we could help make your corporate art a therapeutic break from life and, in turn, give you happier employees. Get in touch with us to gain artwork that’ll soothe your staff.


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