A blooming beard: the men with flowers in their hair


A Blooming Beard

If you’re a man, having a finely grown beard is equivalent to being able to weightlift a fully-grown elephant with one hand – it’s the manly achievement.

Ideally, your beard should be gruff enough to chop down a great oak tree (if need be), but also stylish enough to make women swoon and men stroke their hairless faces with dismay.

But there’s a new trend hitting the US, and it’s turning manly growths of hair into floral wonderlands.

Men in cities like Portland, Brooklyn and San Francisco have kick-started a new craze by weaving colourful flowers through their beards, all for the sake of artistic portraits.

Popularised by the hashtag #flowerbeard, these offbeat designs are a far cry from just a few decades ago. Unlike today’s more liberal culture, a bearded man in the 50s or early 60s would have been viewed as nothing more than a scruffy wastrel.

As masculinity shifts towards a less rigid structure, it’s heartening to see blossoming beard-owners embrace their flower power – and it’s even better to see how good facial hair can look with a dash of floral chic.

It’s yet another reminder of how smart landscaping can improve any area, be it a beard, a garden or the interior of your business. So, have a look around our site for flowers and foliage to match your needs – although we probably won’t braid your beard for you.


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