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The seeds of inspiration: the writer’s love of gardens


There are so many types of writer, and they’re all sowing the seeds of very different inspirations.

Urban gardening and the rise of urban meadows


While the urban garden is experiencing a resurgence, it is in no way a new concept. Its roots trace back to ancient Egypt where community waste was used in urban farming.

The tiny gardens of Seattle


You might think the ideal garden should stretch over hundreds of acres, feature mammoth water fountains and bloat with blooming plants of every size, shape and colour.

F for Fake? How we can keep the honesty in your business


Customers, in their infinite wisdom, appreciate a company that’s straightforward and honest, from their service onwards – and art can help convey that sense of unscrupulous decency.

Autumn has arrived: how should you maintain your grounds?


As the leaves brown and the sun fades to a dull afternoon-orange, there’s little doubt about it – autumn has arrived, and your landscaping plans will have to change with the seasons.

Why plants in the office make us more productive


‘Green’ offices with plants make staff happier and more productive than ‘lean’ designs stripped of greenery, new research shows.

The Gardens of Versailles: a true surprise of luxury


It’s not often that you enter a garden and find yourself blown away by the finely crafted grass and the snaking, balletic formation of the pathways – but then it’s not often that you enter the Gardens of Versailles.

Welcome to the most pleasant scents in the world


There’s nothing better than waking up with your favourite smell teasing your nostrils.

A blooming beard: the men with flowers in their hair


But there’s a new trend hitting the US, and it’s turning manly growths of hair into floral wonderlands.

Scintillating celebrity scents and your business


With our expertise, you can obtain a signature smell for your business premises that we will have considered in just as much detail as the multimillion pound perfume brands.

Top Seeds: Our nation's sporting favourites in plants


Ambius commissions a gallery of portraits of Britain’s favourite sports personalities – made from plants!

Stub it out: Stop cigarette butts becoming a burning issue


Our Planter Ashtrays are an exterior planter design that comes complete with an integral cigarette waste collection system

Smell-O-Vision: the whiff of cinema that wowed an audience


We understand the importance of smell and how it can emotionally affect customers visiting your business.

Infographic: The power of plants in the workplace


Our infographic shows how the presence of plants can be near transformative: reducing pain for patients, encouraging us to spend more money in shops and helping us generate ideas

The awesome power of smell on our memories


The connection between scent and the mind is so strong that you’d be hard-pressed to find a better way to stimulate your customers.

Priming your workplace for World Green Building Week


Bringing together 98 countries, representing 25,000 organisations and playing host to over 220 events, the week has been in the A-list on the eco-calendar since its launch in 2010.

How to make your office eco-friendly


Plants are only one piece of the eco-friendly puzzle – there are a number of things you can do to make your office’s carbon footprint minute.

Feng Shui for the future – optimising your office space


With simple additions to your office such as larger windows and a greater range of foliage and artwork that your employees will appreciate, your office will be more vibrant morale boosting.

Rentokil Initial UK awarded Top Employers UK 2014


Rentokil Initial UK (which Ambius UK is part of) has been awarded the Top Employers UK 2014 certification for the second year running.

Art as therapy - the relaxing connection between artist and viewer


Like a jaw-drop-worthy painting in a museum, we could help make your corporate art a therapeutic break from life and, in turn, give you happier employees.

Blossoming community projects: Society of Garden Designers Awards 2014


Handing out gongs for innovations in community garden projects, these awards celebrate the finest in landscaping design all across the UK.

Sending the right message with flowers in your office


You all know the benefits that a few simple plants could have in your office. But, what you probably didn’t know is that the type of plant you pick could say a lot about your workplace.

Rise and rise of corporate art


Companies are embracing the art world more and more, understanding that they can please their clients and staff members, and the art world is embracing it right back.

Valentine’s Day Roses – Top Tips to keep them looking good


Kenneth Freeman, Head of Innovation at Ambius, provides his guidance on how to help your Valentine’s Day roses stay fresh

Fight the January Blues with greenery


Ward off the New Year doldrums with some plant life and desk personalisation



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