‘Deskorations’ - the new Christmas trend this season


Deskorations Christmas Trend

The festive season can be a great time to raise employee morale, providing staff with the opportunity to decorate the office and add personality to their work space. But creating an ideal corporate Christmas environment should balance professionalism, with festive fun, a feat which can prove quite tricky.

Below are some of the key tips and trends to help you create the perfect office Christmas environment this year.

  • Natural ‘deskorations’ (the art of decorating your desk) are the new trend this season. Deskorations can be formed of plants and foliage placed around an employee’s workstation to add festive spirit and individuality. Bespoke decorative baubles mixed with foliage or colourful ribbon can also be placed inside square or round bowls to enhance an area. This sense of personalisation and expression in the office is important and allows employees to embrace the Christmas season in their own way. Empowering employees has been shown to benefit productivity; studies have also shown that using plants and greenery can improve employee well-being and create a sense of positivity in the office.
  • A common dilemma is whether to have a live or replica Christmas tree. So far, this year we’ve seen more requests for live trees as they look more inviting and create a pleasant fresh ‘Christmas’ fragrance in the office. Real trees and plants introduced within the office environment have also been shown to improve employee well-being and reduce stress.
  • Another theme for this year is for modern materials such as metallic, neon and copper. But everyone wants to be different, so adding something unique or bespoke such as copper wreaths will make the decorations stand out.
  • Themed Christmas decorations are also popular this year. Whether you stick to a traditional theme or choose something a little bit different, for example, black trees and porcelain mask decorations for a masquerade style ball, ensure your design fits with the tone of the office.
  • Although the traditional colours of red, gold and silver are still being used, there is greater demand for new modern colours such as purple and blue or even dip dyed decorations.
  • Scenting adds another dimension to the creation of a Christmas ambience. Smell memory is the largest and most acute part of memory and humans are able to recognise approximately 10,000 different odours and more impressively, recall smells with 65% accuracy a year after they smell them, in contrast to only 50% of visuals after only three months. Introducing fragrance into the office can be uplifting and Ambius fragrances are delivered as micro-particles rather than air droplets, to create a subtle aroma rather than an overpowering smell. Suitable scents in the range for the festive season include ‘Christmas Tree’ and ‘Chocolate Chip Cookie’.
  • Many offices will already have, or should have, plants or trees on the premises throughout the year to promote good health in the office. As well as decorating a traditional Christmas tree, why not enhance your existing trees with lights or smaller decorations to make the most of your existing landscape.

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