Bacon Sandwiches, Bread and Coffee; Blokes’ Favourite Smells


Britain's Favourite Smells

A study commissioned by scenting solution experts Ambius, of over 2,000 consumers, has explored the nation’s favourite smells. The aroma of breakfast foods was found to be favoured by men, with the scent of a new baby ranking in the top five for women (8%). The smell of fresh bread (18%), bacon sandwiches (12%) and ground coffee (10%) were all found to be the most popular smells for men across the UK.

In a demonstration of regional differences, unwashed people ranked first in all regions across the UK as most disliked, except in Scotland and Wales, where the smell of cigarettes (24%; 22%) ranked higher. People living in the North East found the smell of cigarettes (20%) to be more offensive than dog poo (16%).

In the North West and Northern Ireland the smell of a bacon sandwich was the favourite smell (13%; 15%) and it was placed second in the East of England (13%), North East (14%) and Wales (10%), following the scent of freshly baked bread in all listed regions.

Ambius also asked respondents about the smells, which people tend to argue about the most, with breaking wind (16%), cigarettes (11%) and bad breath (7%), shown to be the top three trouble causers. Nearly one in ten of women (8%) have argued about smelly trainers, which they ranked joint third. Third on the list for men, as likely to cause an argument, was the smell of burnt cooking (6%).

Other scents favoured by Britons were freshly cut grass (10%) and ground coffee (10%). A bacon sandwich ranked fourth overall (9%) and was significantly more popular with males (12%) compared to females (6%). Second in the list of the most hated smells in Britain was dog poo (20%), followed closely by cigarettes (17%).

Kenneth Freeman, International Technical Director for Ambius said: “Of the five senses, smell is the most powerful, with the ability to trigger emotions and memories of good times with friends and family, and experiences from our childhood. Freshly baked bread and ground coffee are both comforting aromas, whilst natural scents such as mown grass conjure up images of sunshine and being outdoors, supporting the theory that the closer we are to nature, the happier we are as human beings.”

Notes to Editors:

Research carried out by Opinium Research through an online survey of 2,003 UK adults aged 18+ from 31st May to 1st June 2013. Results have been weighted to nationally representative criteria.

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