Workplace plants 'raise productivity'


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Figures released this week show the Ministry of Justice spent £14,000 on potted plants in its offices in a single year.

Kenneth Freeman, technical director for indoor plant firm Ambius, and chair of the European Federation of Interior Landscaping Groups, told the Today programme's Sarah Montague that plants are known for their abilities for improving wellbeing which has an knock on effect on productivity and absenteeism.

"There has been a lot of peer reviewed research carried out," he explained, which looked at how plants in buildings affect people physically and psychologically.

He said that "having a connection with nature in the workplace is the key thing... because it makes you feel innately more comfortable with your surroundings".

And Mr Freeman claimed that interior landscapes "more than outweigh their costs".

"Even a good view onto a landscaped gardens... will make you feel psychologically more at ease."

To listen to Kenneth's interview visit the BBC Radio 4 website

Learn more about the benefits of plants in the workplace on our Biophilia website.


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