Visit Ambius at the 2012 Ecobuild show


Bringing nature into the workplace with the biophilia toolkit from Ambius
Visit Ambius at the 2012 Ecobuild show

Ambius, the world leader in enhancing buildings through planting, scenting and artwork, has teamed up with the UK Green Building Council for the 2012 Ecobuild show. Complementing an exciting programme of seminars from UKGBC, Ambius is using the show as the launch platform for The Biophilia Toolkit. This innovative online tool accessible from has been created to show how the principles of biophilia can be incorporated into good building design.

Biophilia literally translates as ‘love of life’ or ‘love of living systems’ and recognises the instinctive need for humans to be in touch with nature. The new toolkit from Ambius is designed to help architects, interior designers, facilities managers and HR professionals apply the principles of biophilia to a variety of spaces, from offices to hotels and health facilities. Users simply go online to view an illustration of a workspace with clickable icons that explain different ways plants, as well as sound and smell can be used to enhance the environment. Experts from Ambius will be guiding visitors through the toolkit, explaining the benefits it can bring in creating a sustainable environment.

“We’re delighted to be supporting UK-GBC and being part of its Big Tent experience, with featured speaker, Kevin McCloud, developer and presenter of Grand Designs” explains Kenneth Freeman. “We believe the biophilia toolkit is the first system of its kind. We know from our research with the University of Exeter, the productivity benefits of plants in the workplace and the links between well-being and planting have been demonstrated on many occasions. The toolkit brings all of this knowledge together in a very user friendly format to show the simple ways in which biophilia can be applied in real life settings.

“All too often plants are treated as an afterthought and we’re urging businesses and building owners to consider plants earlier in the design process to maximise the benefits they can bring. Plants are multifunctional, they not only make us feel better, they can help remove toxins from the air, act as a cooling system and make great design statements. They are also enormously flexible. Certainly a little investment can go a long way”, concludes Kenneth Freeman.


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