Ambius sponsors Planet Positive 7 days to Sustainability campaign


Demonstrating its commitment to environmental sustainability, Ambius, the world leader in enhancing buildings through planting, scenting and artwork has teamed up with Planet Positive to sponsor the 7-days to Sustainability campaign.

Ambius will be supporting day 5 of the 7-days to Sustainability campaign which places a focus on food, water, health and wellbeing. The health and wellbeing day will help businesses to understand how they can boost wellbeing and productivity in the workplace using Ambius’ biophilia toolkit.

The easy to use biophilia toolkit highlights 8 elements of interior landscape design which, if adopted by organisations, will help to improve the health and wellbeing of their staff and in turn improve productivity. Users simply go online to view an illustration of a workspace with clickable icons that explain different ways plants, as well as sound and smell can be used to enhance the environment.

"Proof of sustainable business practices is now a key requirement in business tenders and is therefore a competitive issue for SMEs.” says Ambius, International Technical Director Kenneth Freeman. “The 7-days to Sustainability campaign will empower SMEs to enhance their environmental awareness and provide clients and customers with the reassurance that they are dealing with a business that has environmental wellbeing at the core of its beliefs. A very good start to adopting a more sustainable business is to use the principles outlined in our Biophilia toolkit.”

Ambius has been Planet Positive accredited business for 3 years signifying its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and take a more positive attitude to climate change. Through changes to the way the business operates and conducts business, Ambius is becoming a much greener company.

Kenneth Freeman concludes: “At Ambius, becoming more sustainable is central to our corporate social responsibility aims. Now we are able to support a vitally important campaign which will help businesses become environmentally responsible. Our Planet Positive status and the programmes that have been developed to go with it, have not only helped us with colleague engagement, but also helped us to identify significant cost-savings within the company. These lessons are extremely valuable and SME’s should consider the benefits to operating with a green-friendly attitude.


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