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The Ambius Service to Designers, Architects and Specifiers

Ambius offers design-led interior and exterior landscaping and scent marketing to create an immediate sensory impact which reinforces their clients’ brand image. Ambius’ designers will select plants, containers and accessories to fit the space, lighting and ambience of the environment. The scheme can also include artwork, flowers and scenting.

Visualising the space

A sophisticated online design tool allows Ambius to take pictures of the area being designed so that plants, containers and canvases can be added digitally to provide a clear picture of the finished look

Corporate Artwork

As well as providing a welcoming environment to customers, Ambius provides artwork to communicate brand values, bring life to dead spaces, invigorate colleagues as well as define specific areas.

Acoustic Art

Ambius’ range of acoustic art is not only beautiful, but has the added benefit of reducing noise, making it perfect for meeting rooms and open plan areas.

Scent marketing

Ambius offers Microfresh – an ambient scenting system that can be used for both scent marketing and odour remediation. Within retail and leisure environments, scent marketing is increasingly being used to support the brand and increase footfall. Major fashion retailers have installed Microfresh to created a scented experience for the shopper using the brand’s own perfume. Hotels are also using Microfresh to give guests a scent menu within their room. Unlike conventional commercial air fresheners, Ambius Microfresh does not mask odours; it neutralises and replaces them with a more pleasant fragrance

A four year study co-funded by Ambius

Independent research by The University of Exeter in conjunction with Ambius found that people were happier, healthier and 17% more productive in an enriched work environment than they were in a 'lean' space. Those that were given some say over their environment were 32% more productive.


Ambius offers a 5-module on-line learning course approved by the Royal Institute of British Architects and by the BOMI Institute as assessed Continuing Professional Development. Alternatively, Ambius can offer free 1 hour seminars at a practice's own premises.


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