Companies need to invest in plants


Survey reveals the benefits of having greenery in the workplace

Businesses may be cutting back on discretionary costs but they could be counting the cost in lost productivity if they get rid of plants in the workplace, according to interior landscaping company Ambius.

According to research conducted by The University of Exeter in conjunction with Ambius, a greener workplace can result in higher levels of employee engagement, wellbeing and even boost productivity by up to 32%.

Top green environments

Analysis of green workplaces has revealed that financial institutions are the most likely to have plants in the workplace. Hotels are second on the list, while manufacturers come third. These businesses are not only investing in enhancing the environment with planting but as the research has found, they could be seeing productivity benefits too.

Kenneth Freeman, international technical director at Ambius, said: “Plants can help improve employee productivity, reduce absenteeism and boost wellbeing in the workplace. Independent tests have shown that plants and personalisation of work areas can create a 12% improvement in reaction times, lower blood pressure by 1-4 units and reduce fatigue by 30%.“

Health benefits

Healthcare businesses including private hospitals ranked 6th in the list, where plants can create a sense of calm for patients and improve recovery times. While property management came seventh and restaurants eighth on the list, media and advertising businesses came in ninth place where planting can make a design statement while supporting creativity through the health benefits offered.

Finally government and local government came in tenth - welcome news given the challenge the public sector faces in supporting employee engagement.

Freeman concludes: “In this period of austerity it is vital for businesses to think carefully about the impact of cuts on business productivity. Plants can enhance the workspace in a number of important ways. They look good but they also make people feel good.“

USP Magazine Online, 18th March 2011


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