Ambius Checks in for New Montcalm Hotels


The prestigious Montcalm hotel group has enlisted the expertise of Ambius, a world leader in enhancing buildings through landscaping, scenting and artwork, to provide its customers with a truly sensory experience when they visit one of the three luxury Montcalm hotels in London. In addition to providing striking floral displays and planters, Ambius is providing its innovative ambient scenting system – Microfresh – for both the communal areas of each hotel and through individual, customer-selected scenting for each guest room.

And in a further pioneering move for the hotel sector, Ambius has been commissioned to create the Montcalm group’s first bespoke scent. This 'signature' fragrance will help to reinforce the brand experience for customers, an approach that has been working with great success in high end fashion retail.

The Montcalm in Great Cumberland Place was the first hotel in London to offer customers a menu of scents for their room using the Ambius Microfresh system. At reservation or check-in the customer can select a fragrance from a choice of 6 delicate aromas including 'Saw Grass', 'Lotus Flower' and 'Marine Fresh' for their room.

Now Montcalm is using Ambius Microfresh scenting in the recently opened 45 room The Marble Arch by Montcalm London and has installed Ambius Microfresh scenting in its newest and largest 235 room hotel - The Montcalm at The Brewery London City. The launch of The Montcalm at The Brewery London City will also see the creation of a bespoke scent Ambius is creating for Montcalm based on the fragrance of Sandalwood inspired by Indian weddings.

Jeanette Van Roy, Managing Director of Ambius says "70% of our sensory experience is through our nose and by scenting communal spaces and guest rooms, hoteliers can add a completely new dimension to the customer experience. We have been working with Montcalm for 2 years now, first on the launch of the Cumberland Place hotel where the scenting options provided a really unique marketing opportunity and has proved immensely popular with customers. Scenting is now very much part and parcel of the Montcalm experience and we are delighted to be working with them to create a bespoke signature aroma."

The Montcalm team believes: "Differentiation is key in the hotel industry and while comfort, design and decoration is of course, vitally important, we knew when we opened our first hotel at Great Cumberland Place that we could really enhance the customers’ experience through scenting, something our owner had experienced himself at prestige hotels in the Middle East. Ambius worked with us to find the right solution for each guest room through the innovative Ambius scent cube. The natural next step is to create our own fragrance and this will be key to our marketing strategy for The Montcalm at The Brewery London City."

About Ambius Microfresh

Ambius Microfresh is an ambient scenting system that can be used for both scent marketing and odour remediation. 25 scents are available grouped into Citrus, Floral, Fresh&Clean, Naturescape and Sensations. Ambius can also create bespoke perfumes to reinforce the brand experience. Unlike most commercial air fresheners, Ambius Microfresh behaves like a vapour, remaining in the air for up to four hours. Because the diffusion of the scenting particles is controlled, the scenting of the space is 100% uniform.

There are three options for scenting depending on the size of the space. For smaller spaces Ambius provides the Microfresh Cube, a table top scenting dispenser powered through the mains. For larger areas Ambius offers scenting solutions through air conditioning systems. Montcalm uses Ambius' Microfresh Cube offering guests a scent menu, from which they can pick an aroma for their room.

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