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Don’t let the tree needle you this Christmas


Ambius offers top tips for the perfect Christmas tree

National Landscape Awards 2011


National Landscape Awards 2011 - Interior Landscape Principal Award Winner

Homeworking: Avoid the butterfly effect


Distractions can be a homeworker’s worst enemy unless you master your concentration skills.

Ambius has true grit


While there are mixed reports concerning the likelihood of a repeat of last year's big freeze, we are already getting ready for winter, as we prepare to help businesses across Scotland keep moving with our snow clearing and winter gritting service.

How do you take your tree?


Ambius has Christmas wrapped up for wise businesses. £5 to Greenfingers charity for every Christmas Tree.

Kenneth Freeman considers the importance of Employee wellbeing


Does well-being in the workplace really matter?

Ambius Christmas Sales


It may be September, but orders for Christmas trees and decorations are already up 35% compared with the previous year as business buck against austerity measures to create some festive spirit after another tough year.

Using Nature to Create Sustainable Buildings


The cost of energy is likely to remain high for the foreseeable future.

Ambius Delivers for the Institute of Directors


Fresh flower displays enhance central London receptions and restaurants.

Ambius signs carbon deal


Interior planter Ambius has entered a new relationship with Greenstone Carbon Management to provide global carbon emissions reporting.

Christmas Products: Decorations


BigHospitality takes a look at some of the Christmas decorations, including contemporary decorations from Ambius.

It’s Christmas at Ambius


Ambius like many eFIG members are already getting their orders in; Ambius report an increase of 35% on the same time last year too. Ambius believe that Christmas is the one time that business doesn’t make cuts. It’s a time not to dwell on the austerity of the year but to focus on a good Christmas.

Health and wellbeing: Employees need a comfort zone


If you read nothing else, read this . . .

Sick Building Syndrome


You may think you have reviewed all the potential Health & Safety hazards in your organisation. But what if the actual building in which yor business is based is adversely impacting on employee health?

Montcalm Hotel Works with Ambius


The prestigious Montcalm hotel group has enlisted Ambius to provide its customers with a truly sensory experience.

Kenneth Freeman International Technical Director


Does where you work make you sick? Do you get headaches, feel nauseous or maybe have dry skin and eyes? Do you take time off work because of a poor environment? If so, you are not alone.

Natural Boost to the Workplace


This week's episode of Channel 4’s Secret Life of Buildings on ‘Work’ looked at the environments in which people work and the impact this can have on their well-being and in turn, productivity.

TV shows influence of buildings on wellbeing


The new Channel 4 series, 'The Secret Life of Buildings' uncovers the impact of the buildings in which we live, work and play on our wellbeing

Plants in workplaces boost morale and productivity


This week, Channel 4’s Secret Life of Buildings on 'Work' looked at the environments in which people work and the impact this can have on their wellbeing and in turn, productivity.

Measuring Wellbeing in the UK


Ambius comments on the importance of creating environments with wellbeing in mind, including enrichment of space by combining plants, artwork and scenting.

Ambius Checks in for New Montcalm Hotels


The prestigious Montcalm hotel group has enlisted the expertise of Ambius to provide its customers with a truly sensory experience when they visit one of the three luxury Montcalm hotels in London.

275 plants, 5 olive trees and half a tonne of soil


Ambius brings a splash of pink to Vista at The Trafalgar, Central London’s largest roof top bar.

Plants are Key to Cool Workplaces


Ambius, the world leader in enhancing buildings through interior landscaping, scenting and artwork has put together its top tips for keeping buildings cool this summer through the use of trees, plants and interior landscaping.

Business Hotspots - Vista, The Trafalgar Hotel, London


This month, The Trafalgar hotel in London extended its rooftop Vista bar, making it almost 3 times as large and boosting capacity to 200 people.

Cornbow Shopping Centre Smells The Difference


Ambius, the world leader in enhancing buildings through landscaping, scenting and artwork is bringing a breath of fresh air to Cornbow Shopping Centre in Halesowen.

Top Plants For Workplaces


With Spring around the corner, Ambius, the workplace enrichment company has revealed its top plants for workplaces based on both feedback from its customers and the suitabilty of plants for different office environments.



To stimulate awareness of the role interior planting can play in defining space, cooling environments, improving productivity and alleviating sick building syndrome, Ambius has launched its 2011 seminar programme for architects and interior designers.

Good Looking - Visual Merchandising


Are you priming your customers to buy? Craft Business investigates the key principles of successful merhcandising.

EFIG supports Green Office Week


Green Office Week raises awareness about making working environments greener.

Rentokil Initial PLC – 1st Quarter Results


This article shows the 1st quarter results for Rentokil Initial PLC.

Ambius triumphs at eFIG Awards


Ambius, the world leader in enhancing buildings through planting, scenting and artwork has been honoured with four awards at the ‘Oscars’ of the interior landscaping world – the European Federation of Interior Landscaping Groups (eFIG) Awards.

Practitioner profile - Kenneth Freeman


Kenneth Freeman is international technical director for Ambius, the global expert in interior landscaping, and head of Ambius University, the company's corporate university.

Ambius Cuts Carbon by 10% Globally


In a clear demonstration of its commitment to environmental sustainability, Ambius has achieved Planet Positive certification in the UK, North America and Continental Europe.

Shoppers linger for longer through scent marketing


Ambius scenting is used by retailers, the hotel and leisure industry to create an experience that connects with the emotions and lifestyle of customers.

Creating Right Environment To Support Wellbeing


Ambius has a range of products and services that are picked for their well-being properties, such as large-leafed plants for noise reduction or producing oxygen and removing toxins from the air.

Enriching Environments and Creating a Design Edge


Ambius offers design-led interior and exterior landscaping and scent marketing to create an immediate sensory impact which reinforces their clients’ brand image.

Ambius Connect cuts paper and supports sustainability


Ambius, the world’s largest Interior landscaping company has set a target to convert all 3,500 of its customers in the UK to its paperless reporting system, Ambius Connect, by the end of 2011.

Minimal workplaces may hinder productivity


The trend for ‘lean’ and minimal office spaces could be having a negative effect on business productivity according to an extensive study by The University of Exeter in conjunction with Ambius.

Retailers bring Spring in with aroma of freshly cut grass


The aroma of freshly cut grass always ranks high in polls of favourite smells. Now retailers recognising the power of smell in the retail experience, can convey the optimism that comes with Spring and Summer, with the launch of Green Grass, a new fragrance from environment scenting specialist Ambius. Green Grass captures perfectly the smell of freshly mown grass, minus the risk of hayfever!

Green shoots for businesses tackling sickness absence


Workplace enrichment company, Ambius is urging businesses to consider greening up the office environment with planting as a part of their strategy to tackle the rise in sickness levels.

Office workers like them big, bold and fleshy


With Spring around the corner, Ambius, the workplace enrichment company has revealed its top plants for workplaces based on both feedback from its customers and the suitability of plants for different office environments.

Companies need to invest in plants


Survey reveals the benefits of having greenery in the workplace and shows the main sectors that are investing in office plants

Wellbeing Begins with the Workplace


In 1984, the World Health Organization published a report that claimed that as many as 30% of new or refurbished buildings caused occupants to suffer symptoms that became known as ‘Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)’.

The People Side of Space


Workstations that rise or fall according to where you sit or stand at your tasks, pods that bring peace to your noisy office, a reception in the middle of the office so it is equidistant from all staff welcome to the brave new world of the office environment. Time to sit up and take notice, says Peter Crush

Who’s the greenest of them all?


Businesses may be cutting back on discretionary costs but they could be counting the cost in lost productivity if plants in the workplace get pruned out.

Sickness in the workplace


Green-fingered managers take note. Apparently the cure for a resurgent sicknote culture in the workplace is - wait for it - pot plants.

Green-Fingered Managers


GREEN-FINGERED managers take note. Apparently the cure for a resurgent sicknote culture in the workplace is - wait for it - pot plants.

New Technology Increases Scent of Shopping


No fewer than three industry spokespeople have recently issued puffs (pun intended) agreeing with the British queen of shopping Mary Portas about the value of scenting stores.

David Lloyd Leisure sees sense in scenting from Ambius


David Lloyd Leisure Clubs has selected Ambius for a new nationwide contract as sole supplier of interior planting services to the 85 David Lloyd Leisure clubs across the UK

Design drought - Water features fall out of favor over germ concern


Like dogs and cats or the Hatfields and McCoys, you're likely to start a skirmish these days if you put infection-prevention specialists and hospital designers in the same room.

Smello-retail: shops using scent to keep hold of customers


Retailers are increasingly using secret smells to ensure customers stay in their shops as long as possible and part with their money.

Office Fruit 'Can Help Ward Off Staff Illness'


The office fruit basket is a very helpful thing to have in the workplace if you want your staff to be off sick less,

January, sick and tired…


Ambius’ Top 10 tips for a healthy workplace.

The workspace is key to engagement


During the recent election campaign, Nick Clegg suggested that cuts in the public sector were going to be more than just getting rid of the plant pots in the office. Well, Ambius shows that getting rid of plants might actually cost an organisation money rather then save it.


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