New plants for the workplace


The fashion for workplace greenery for 2010 favours lean-looking foliage.

According to Ambius, the five most requested workplace  plants and plant varieties are:

  1. Dracaena Jade Jewel (a variety of the dragon tree, in striking colors)
  2. Spathiphyllum Viscount (a hybrid from the Peace Lily family)
  3. Dracaena Marginata Braid Open Weave (lush foliage and a breaded stem)
  4. Bromeliads (a colorful family of plants)
  5. Dracaena Lemon Surprise (brightly coloured elliptic leaves with curled edges)

No matter their size, plants are good for your buildings and the people inside. 

They provide a pleasant environment, tackle environmental problems in the workplace, and reduce carbon dioxide levels that accumulate in buildings from the byproducts of heating and electrical systems.

This article first appeared in Buildings Magazine, USA, 1/4/2010


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