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Malaria No More UK

Rentokil Initial have been supporting the charity Malaria No More UK (MNMUK) since 2011, having raised £26,000 by donating £1 for every staff member to complete the businesses annual colleague survey. In 2015 after four successful years, Rentokil Initial wanted to expand the partnership to increase funds raised and bring greater engagement with MNMUK’s work.

As a result, Rentokil Initial UK colleagues have been very active ever since in coming up with different ways to raise funds.

Why Malaria No More UK?

As a global leader in pest control, with our Rentokil business, we strongly feel that MNMUK is an important organisation for us to support. They work to end malaria by encouraging governments to place this killer disease at the top of the international development agenda, increasing public awareness in the UK and by investing in malaria control projects in Africa. Rentokil Initial is committed to helping all elements of the small MNMUK team’s mission.

1) Inspiring colleagues to unite in fundraising for a cause where small amounts can save lives. Malaria is spread by mosquitoes and sadly, a parent loses their child to malaria every single minute, yet as little as £1 can save a child’s life.

2) Leveraging our networks to help MNMUK boost public awareness of malaria.

3) Demonstrating UK business leadership in the malaria campaign to influence broader support.

Malaria can be prevented and treated, and since 2000 child death rates have been halved. MNMUK has taught the Rentokil Initial team that we can be the generation that makes malaria no more.

Malaria no more uk charity work

Getting Involved

We are a very creative family at RI and we love our colleagues to come up with any ideas (the wacky, the fun and the sensible) for how to raise funds for Malaria No More UK (MNMUK). From an epic climb up Mount Kilimanjaro by David McMillan (AKA Disco), to a ‘Wear your Christmas Jumper to Work Day’ at our Camberley head office, our colleagues embraced our support of MNMUK in many different ways during 2015.  

During 2015 over £30,000 was raised for MNMUK by Rentokil Initial in the UK and fundraising initiatives included:

  • The company continuing to pledge £1 for each new customer signing up our online reporting tool myInitial and for completing e-surveys that our businesses have run with existing customers.
  • Mount Kilimanjaro climb – Disco trekked the 5,895 metres to the top of this dormant volcanic mountain and raised an impressive £6,301.77 in the process for MNMUK.
  • We have been back out with our Rentokil Initial School Tour – during 2015 we presented to 5,139 children (aged between 4 and 14 years) and visited 33 different schools across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  For every mile we clocked-up on our tour (2298 miles over the year), the company donated £1 to MNMUK.
  • Greg Beattie one of our Scottish colleagues took part in the gruelling Glenmore 24, a foot race that takes place just outside Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands. Runners try and complete a 4 mile loop as many times as they can within 24 hours.  Greg managed to run a very impressive 82.74 miles within the time limited and raised £1,306.00 in the process.
  • During 2016 we will continue our support of MNMUK and there is already a Camberley to Paris bike ride on the calendar in April which a number of colleagues will be attempting.

charity work for malaria no more

Find out more about the work Malaria No More UK are doing and how Rentokil Initial are supporting them here: http://malarianomore.org.uk/get-involved/rentokil-initial-uk.


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